Southwest Fort Worth AARP

Juen 15

We are blessed with the financial means to put groceries on our tables every day; however, there are many in our community who are not able to do that. This is a great country with many riches and it is hard to grasp how difficult obtaining sufficient food is for so many. Having a speaker from the Tarrant County Food Bank will help us to understand how we can help and how even small donations make such a big difference. This is also a chance to learn how the food is distributed and what steps are taken to ensure fairness to all. Plus this meeting includes one of our fun pot luck lunches - a great time to make new friends and renew connections with old friends. All who attend really enjoy this fellowship.


No one wants to think about being hospitalized, but at some point in our lives, and sometimes more than once, we experience an accident, a fall, or a serious illness requiring a hospital stay. Modern medical practice releases us very quickly from a hospital stay - but what happens when we require additional care and support. Our speaker, Denise Helms, RN, will help us with her presentation of 'Navigating Post-Acute Healthcare - What happens after the hospital stay?' This is important information for all of us.


The Mayor of Fort Worth plans to share her hopes for our city, you can also learn what the Fort Worth Visitors Bureau does, and the latest Medicare information for 2017, plus Tarrant County's Assistant District Attorney on Elder Fraud. Each year we have two pot luck luncheons and the second one is at our June meeting.. Stay 'tuned' for more details and additional programs! Remember to receive information making you an informed voter, to learn about the advantages of our golden years, and many other interesting topics be sure to attend our chapter meetings. Please join us at our meetings on the third Wednesday of each month (except December is held on the 2nd Wednesday). We meet at Genesis United Methodist Church, 7635 South Hulen Street in Fort Worth with coffee at 10 a.m. and the meeting from 10:30 to 11:30.